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16 Jul 2021

Launch Towny Season 4

  • JustDriessen

Hello Everyone!

Today is the day that we are releasing our newest season of towny, season 4.

With this update we had had a mayor revamp of our towny server, we changed/added a lot of plugins, server version, java version, performance, machines, ...

An overall revamp of Risnox has been made, as you knew I am not the Founder of Risnox. HalfHand was the founder of Risnox, he asked me to help to improve Risnox due to no having a lot of free time then. When he stopped I took over with Coding and we tried to make Risnox better. As of that day we never made Risnox our own version with better performance and plugins. Because we started from scrap there can be some bugs when we release the new season. Please create a ticket on Discord with the bug and we will take a look on how to fix them.

Our season has its own trailer here:

We implemented a documentation website for our players to have a place to go to if you forgot a command or would like more information about a certain feature, because this is new we are still working on adding more documentations.


Closing Season 3: Thank you for playing, We had a nice experience with our Season 3 server but its time to say goodbye... , we will shut down our previous server due to a lack of activity and RAM, we will be using that RAM to add to our new season to make that server even better.

Store: We updated all of our packages and added a lot of new things to the store, as of today every perk/feature you will obtain with a rank will be shown on our store, there is no information in /ranks on our server anymore for that due to the lack of time of updating both information platforms.

22 Oct 2020

Information & New Gamemode!

  • JustDriessen

Dear @everyone,

I would like to start of by saying sorry for not giving you any information about the network and what is going on for the last couple of weeks.
We will improve and try to make this network a start of a really nice and cool community with a ton of features that will be intoduced when finished for the gamemode that we currently have.

I will be using the forum a lot more now for new updates, changes and new announcements about our network.

The server trailer we made is online now! I hope you like our trailer, it shows our Towny and Skyblock gamemode with a couple of features.
Trailer can be found here.


As for today we have a great new gamemode on the network named: Skyblock
This is a gamemode where you start on a (small) flying island above the void, start with the basics.


Skyblock will be updating a lot in the next couple of weeks, suggestions can be given on our discord server in #suggestion (Click here)

The features that are live when the gamemode will be launched at 23th of Oktober, 16:00 (CET) will be:

  • Minions

  • Custom crafting recipes

  • Spawners

  • Advanced island panel

  • Heaters

  • Farm Orbs

  • Crates

  • Leaderboards

  • In-game shop

  • In-game Rankup system

  • Mines

The first gamemode was more a mess then something great for ourself, this due being thrown into this gamemode without knowing anything about these plugins.


The applications are back!
We are recruiting:

  • Developers

  • Helpers

  • Builders

  • Youtubers can contact me on discord for now, make a ticket on our discord with the category: Management.

All of the above ranks are availablefor now, but not paid jobs.
Keep in mind that we can't accept everyone and we accept as much people as we need for the community, if our community grows player wise the rest will grow to.

Because of this we are willing to make a lot of things happen on skyblock, thats why CodingWarrior and I are asking all of you to stay with us, help us and give us another chance. We are very exited about skyblock, we can make a lot happen on this gamemode.
As said before, We are going to make sure that skyblock will be updated a lot in these couple of weeks. With new features/adjustments/bugs and suggestions from our community, yeah you!

As for now, thank you for reading. Thank you for being with us and are willing to be with us until the end.

17 Apr 2020

Forum launch!

  • JustDriessen

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our brand new forum!

The forum is used for different things, you can use it for a random chat with other players, applications, player reports, ban appeals, etc. Please use the correct forum for the subject.
This forum will be used for everything server related now, for example: Suggestions, applications, bugs, reports, etc... Discord will not be a thing for that from now on.

Because this is our new forum there could be some technical difficulties, do not abuse them but report them in our bug forum.

! Be aware, some forums are closed for public view and only staff members can see such forums for example: Applications, bugs, reports and appeals.

I hope you can enjoy this new feature that we made for the server. We created this to organise everything better and keep track of current bugs, suggestions and such.


What is Risnox?

Risnox is a community focused Minecraft Towny server.